Footloose Holidays Car Rental Services

Footloose Holidays Car Rental Services

Road trips are the most thrilling experiences to travel to beautiful destinations in India. They provide an opportunity to explore, experience & enjoy something new always. Now you can hire a car while visiting your desired vacation spot, at reasonable prices. So, why not sit back & enjoy the ride in our luxurious cars to your destination?


You’re in full control of your travel plan. Stop, shop & eat anywhere you want without any time boundation. No matter where you travel, Footloose Car Rental is always there at your service. We ourselves like to travel through roads & live for the surprises.


Footloose Holidays has all the cars you need to make your trip comfortable with your family. Hire luxurious sedans, SUVs/MUVs & hatchbacks as per your needs & travel to your destination safely. You can also opt out for a large traveller vehicles/vans if you’re travelling in groups or family. This will make sure that you all travel together & enjoy your trip to the fullest. We also provide car rental services for all of your travel itinerary.


We have our service in almost all the cities of India. We are focused on making our customers’ travel more thrilling, exhilarating & enjoyable. Book your car now!

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