Goa is the place where the sun never sets down on all the fun & caper. When you think of Goa, sand beaches, night parties, amazing seafood & small villages come to your mind. Goa is a great vacation spot for solo travelers or honeymoon goers.

Goa History: The history of Goa dates back to prehistoric times. However, the recent Goa was established in the year 1987. Goa has an ambience of multi-cultural ethics. Goa was one of the major trading centers of India. It was not ruled as a single kingdom. Instead, parts of the territory were ruled as different kingdoms.

Popular Attractions: The beaches of Goa are its most popular attractions. You can enjoy water sports, cruise rides & casinos here.  Discos, bars & pubs make the nightlife happening in Goa. Your trip will revolve mostly around beaches & nightlife for which this destination is most popular. However, you can also savor delicious native food & seafood.

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