Khajjiar is the ‘Mini Switzerland of India’. This makes it very predictable how beautiful the place is for travel enthusiasts. A combination of Lakes, Forests & Pasture lands makes Khajjiar an ideal vacation spot for families, friends or lone travelers.

Khajjiar History: Khajji Naag is diety of native people of this hill station & Khajjiar is named after him. Rajputs ruled over Khajjiar since the 6th Century. After the downfall of Rajputs, Mughal rule took over, finally going under the possession of Sikh rule. Under the East India Company, the area became a British territory. Khajjiar has a 12th century constructed Golden Devi temple which is dedicated to this diety.

Popular Attractions: Lush green meadows, Pine trees & Deodar trees are the beauty of Khajjiar. Visit Dauladhar mountains, Khajjiar lake, Kalatop sanctuary & Khajji Naag temple to make your visit complete. You will love the ambiance of this place & spend a leisure time with your close ones here.

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