A luxurious travel extravaganza to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul awaits you at Footloose Holidays.

We at Footloose Holidays are team of travel crazy people who believe that life is a journey with so many new destinations to explore and each one of us must find our own mountains, rivers, valleys and roads. The man behind the scene has more than fifteen years of experience to make your journeys a beautiful experience with many cherished memories to be kept forever as the keepsakes. For us, holding your hand through each of your fun-filled adventure and ensuring your safety at every point is the first and foremost priority.

We specialize in customized packages, giving you complete freedom to enjoy this well planned odyssey in luxury and comfort, exploring the land of mystical beauty and diverse landforms called India which has so much to offer. If you are a trekker, mighty Himalayas challenge you to show that invincible spirit as camping in the hills, at the banks of stunningly beautiful Ganges, makes one realise why Indians hold this pristine river in reverence, where your adrenaline will gush to another level as you raft through the waters of this Goddess. If the lone sands and sand dunes of desert attract you, Thar Desert is surely going to be etched in your memories forever. Taking a camel safari and watching the sun setting in all its radiance and glow, leaves a spellbinding impact. Another safari of its kind which takes your wild spirits to the forests and jungles of India, gives a peek in flora and fauna. If your crusade aims at basking in the glory of the sun at a sea beach, India gives you that opportunity in galore. Apart from the picturesque backgrounds, this quest leads you to manifold roads where your curiosity to learn more about India’s uniqueness which reside in its culture, festivals, religion and spiritualism, is satiated. We at Footloose Holidays understand each of our customer’s inner longings and we constantly make endeavours to satisfy them.

Our various holiday packages, including the budget holiday package ensure that money must not imprison your travel bug or kill your vagabond instincts. We let you feel your wings of ecstasy to unearth your hidden fantasies through the quality service and customizing any of our travel itineraries to meet your personal needs. We are extremely sensitive of your family or personal space. So, we assure that howsoever you are holidaying, be it with friends, family, alone or in groups, you enjoy each and every moment of peace and happiness.

Our ever growing, enriching relationship with our customers makes us thoroughly happy to be of any service to you. Be it arranging for flight or train tickets, or making your travelling short distances comfortable through rental car or coach, we do it all and much more. If travelling abroad, we provide Visa assistance and we remain just a call away.

We, as a team of travel enthusiasts give our customers the best of everything.

Happy Traveler

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