5 Exciting Things To Do During Pushkar Fair 2019
Festivals & Fair Tour Packages November 01, 2019

5 Exciting Things To Do During Pushkar Fair 2019

Festivals and Fairs have always been an integral part of Indian culture. It is often said that the heart of India lies in its rural sector, and exotic fairs uphold the statement. Apart from rural fairs, there are events that promote and celebrate religious beliefs and festivals. One such event is the Pushkar Fair.

Pushkar fair, also known as Pushkar Camel Fair, Kartik Mela, or Pushkar ka Mela in the local language, is a long-running culture fete which is held in Pushkar, a town in North Indian state of Rajasthan. The exquisite culture of Rajasthan is represented with a variety of peculiar activities. It commences in the month of Kartik and extends till Kartik Purnima, according to Hindi Calendar. It has also been considered a place of pilgrimage for Hindus, and fairly attracts a massive crowd of more than 2 Lakhs every year.

Pushkar Fair


The fair is a hub for trading along with cultural revisit. The culture of Rajasthan promotes camels, cows, goats, sheep, and other domestic animals. Men trade their livestock here and make a reasonably good amount of money.

Moreover, it is pretty exciting for men to visit Pushkar Lake, buy the new livestock for the coming year, and feel the holy vibes of the fair.


Rajasthan is famous for its peculiar costume. Whether it’s men or women, the different cultural outfit has always gathered prime attention of outsiders. Moreover, the shiny ornaments and accessories are hunted for in this fair.

The Pushkar Fair is a place for a variety of bracelets, clothes, textiles, accessories, and fabrics. This makes it to the top of cultural exhibitions in the state. Moreover, the products are cheap and beautiful, which makes it even more acceptable to the public.


The cynosure of Pushkar Fair is the Pushkar Lake. Hinduism has a lot of mythological beliefs regarding natural resources, and Pushkar Lake is one of them. It is a place of worship for Hindu pilgrims in the month of Kartik, according to the Hindi calendar. The sacred vibes of the lake, along with the cold weather, provide a soothing ambiance for the visitors.

The pilgrims visit the nearby temples and take a holy dip in the lake to bounce off all their burdens and let purity and sanctity prevail in them.

Petty competitions

It has always been a cardinal part of our childhood stories to win small contests and prizes. Pushkar fair holds many authentic Indian competitions for people of all ages. Rajasthani dance themes are significant attractions.

A stiff and playful competition of tug of war is conducted between men and women. The queer competition of the longest mustache instills the male ego in many.

Enjoy themes

The Indian state of Rajasthan is widely known for its thematic and picturesque traditions. It has been the reason for most foreign tourists to make a Pushkar Fair trip to Rajasthan with the Rajasthani folk music along with its attractive dance on various spots throughout the fair. The lively lights and the regional crowd make it a typical fair of Rajasthan.

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