The Perfect Guide To Enjoy Your Winter Trip To Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the land of forts and palaces that unveil India’s most abundant history. The desert state narrates the historical tale of the country with its cultural richness and splendor. The beauty of this state is impeccable and speaks volumes of its rich scenic beauty.

If you are planning a Rajasthan winter tour anytime soon, then you need someone to guide. This guide will help you make the most of your tour, and we can assure you of a great time. Go ahead and have a look at the guide right here!

Rajasthan winter tour

Make prior hotel bookings

Winter is a peak season to visit Rajasthan. Make sure you are making your hotel bookings beforehand. If you are planning to make bookings after reach a city in Rajasthan, then you may face an accommodation crunch. The hotel owners could also charge more, seeing the need of the hour.

Instead, you can opt for online hotel bookings. There are several hotels and resort options available online, where you can book hotels according to your preferred price range and comfort.

Know the best time to visit

Rajasthan is a state you are probably not going to visit it all at once. Before you start, plan places that can be visited during the winter season. If you end up choosing locations that are not ideal for the winter season, you might not feel contented.

Plan your day schedule

Rajasthan being a desert state, you will experience scorching heat during the day and freezing temperatures at night during the winters, and wherever you visit in the state, it must be done in the day-time only. It is therefore essential to chalk down your day-time schedule.

We suggest you cover up as many sightseeing places as you can, during the day, so that you can get back to the hotel by evening and escape the cold. Though the sun remains overhead, it does not rip off your skin, like the summers.

Know the road routes

If you are a solo traveler or a couple, and traveling alone in the city, then you need to keep learning about the road routes from your hotel, and back to your hotel. As it is a desert state, sometimes desert storms might end up blocking the roads.

So, make sure you confirm several routes and learn about modes of transport available at different times of the day to the hotel, with the hotel authorities.

Avail a tour guide

If you happen to be someone who is not quite good with the roads, then it is always better to avail the facilities of a tour guide for this period. Having a tour guide makes sure that you are covering all the major attractions of the place and knowing in-depth about them. Otherwise, you would probably end up wasting your time roaming here and there, missing out on some of the attractions. If you aren’t quite certain about the local tour guides, you can get contacts of tour guides, even online.

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