Explore Amazing Rajasthan Adventure Tours This Monsoon!
Rajasthan Tour Packages October 24, 2019

Explore Amazing Rajasthan Adventure Tours This Monsoon!

Are you one of those daring people who love to take risks in life and getting high on their adrenaline rush? Are you planning an adventure trip? Are you confused to explore a place for a good experience? If yes, then we have just found out the best option for you – Rajasthan. Why you should give this place a try? It is still not known by many for its adventurous nature and hence you will have a not so crowded vacation. Covering an approximate of 10.4% area of India, Rajasthan is considered as the largest state in India. Located at the forefront of India, Rajasthan has seen and housed several royal households as well as their wars. This is the reason why Rajasthan formerly was also known as Rajputana which means the land of kings. Many people know this place for its unsurpassable grandness, royalty, rich history and tradition. When visiting Rajasthan, you can expect to see some grand forts, palaces, huge display of some great art, architectural masterpieces and have a lot of fun. If you want to get the taste of real adventure in this traditionally renowned place then Rajasthan Adventure Tours would not disappoint you at all as the place is home to almost every type of fun and adventurous activities. Read ahead to know more about fun adventurous activities that you can try in Rajasthan!

1. Wildlife Safari

Rajasthan Wildlife Safari

Rajasthan is a home to many amazing wildlife sanctuaries, out of which Ranthambore National Park is the most famous one. Located in the far-east of Rajasthan, the place is known to have a hilly terrain while the lush green plateaus, dense woods, blue rivers, and regional vegetation makes the place appear naturally gorgeous. Here you can see many wildlife species including tigers, hyenas, leopards, hares, boars, foxes, bears, turtles and many more. When at Ranthambore National Park, you can also visit Ranthambore Fort which was originally built in the 1st century.

2. Hot Air Ballooning

Rajasthan Hot Air Ballooning

Visiting Jaipur in Rajasthan can help you from not striking off hot air ballooning from your bucket list. Moreover, the best part of going to Jaipur is that the place has a semi-arid climate and is home to a number of attractions like Jantar Mantar, City Palace, Hawa Mahal, etc. which will keep you engaged throughout. The hot air balloon rides are hosted near Amber Fort around 5:30 am and at 4:00 pm. If you are fit enough to fly in a hot air balloon and have got the guts, then nobody can stop you from touching a height of 1200 feet. The flying time of the balloon is roughly around an hour, and you can have up to 6-7 more occupants with you in your flight, so enjoy your ride with a great company.

3. Dune Bashing

Rajasthan Dune Bashing

The Rajasthan city is quite renowned for its vast deserts. So, when you are visiting the place and are so near the famous Thar Dessert then why not make the most out of it. Dune bashing is quite a different type of adventurous activity. For this, you need to sit in a jeep and then loiter throughout the rugged desert area in order to destroy the maximum sand dunes. This is a highly satisfying and fun adventure when tried and hence it is trending highly for quite some time now, especially in Jaisalmer.

Therefore, if you are ready to have the time of your life, let your carefree self out and have some fun. Book one amazing Rajasthan Adventure Tour with Footloose Holidays