Adventurous Water Sports Which You Must Experience While on a Trip To Kerala

There are numerous adventures that you can enjoy while on a visit to the God’s Own Country, Kerala. However, considering the natural beauty & backwaters, watersports can be quite interesting. The diversification of this place is characterized by the beaches, wildlife, green plantations & other natural charms. Let’s take a look at 7 watersports activities that you can enjoy with your family or friends.


Canoeing is one of the best watersports to experience in Kerala. It will make you relish the true natural beauty of the backwaters. You can go in the boat which is paddled by a single bladed paddle. Explore the coastlines & wildlife on this adventure filled activity.


Scuba Diving

If you haven’t experienced scuba diving once in your lifetime, then you’re at a loss. There’s nothing more exciting than diving deep into the water & observing the underwater life. Swim with the fishes & lose yourself in the mystic aquatic life.

scuba diving


This thrilling watersport is performed on a nano boat called Kayak. Maximum of two people can be seated in the boat. The best part is that kayaking is performed against the water flow direction of the river.



Somewhat like scuba diving, snorkeling is also a very adventurous activity. It also gives you a chance to explore & experience the marine life. Touch the sea bed, fishes & aquatic plants to enjoy the moments.



Parasailing is a great adventurous sport. It sends you on a flying thrilling between sea water & the sky. You can experience parasailing on the lively beaches of Kerala. Sunsets can be experienced while enjoying this sport.


Water Skiing

Glide through the water surface & experience the wind & water blowing over your body. Water Skiing is a sport for furious adventure seekers. You can enjoy this activity with your family or friends.

water skiing

Banana Boat Ride

Banana boat rides are not for kids below 9 years. If you want to burn some calories while having fun. The banana boat is pulled by a speedboat & then it bounces off the waves furiously.

banana boat ride

These activities can be enjoyed on your trip to Kerala with your dear ones. Book the Kerala Tour Package with Footloose Holidays to make your trip fantastic.