Tips To Enjoy Your Vacations In Rajasthan
Rajasthan Tour Packages December 16, 2019

Tips To Enjoy Your Vacations In Rajasthan

There are great places in the world and then there is Rajasthan. The state boosts of royal culture to explore romantically with family, wife, friends, or colleagues. Going on a vacation trip in winter vacation is the best thing, and choosing Rajasthan as the destination is just like adding a feather in the cap.

It’s a place of palaces, mystical acts of Kathputlis, and the traditions of Rajputs with diverse cultures and traditions that many are unaware of. The offbeat attractions and tourist places are a must-visit while in Rajasthan. Try to look beyond the sand, dessert, and camels. Rajasthan has so much to offer. Let us hear the untold and the hidden stories of the villages and towns in a unique way.

Realizing where you are going

Always keep in mind your destination before leaving. While preparing for your destination vacation you must be very excited. While packing clothes and food items make sure you know the type of weather and culture that is being followed there.

If you are totally unaware of the place you are going to visit because you are from the opposite part of the country or the world, then it’s suggested you go for Rajasthan holiday packages. Agencies these days sell customized packages for your destinations. You just need to explain your budget and place you wish to go, and they will come up with a tailored package exclusively for you.

Rajasthan Holiday Packages

Essentials are essential

As the heading suggests, you must not leave crucial things during your trip. Here, by essential items, we mean the type of clothes that will be suitable for your trip. Rajasthan is a warm place where you might want to carry sunglasses, sunscreen, and things that save you from heat, summer, and dust.

Other than this, you must also do all the imperative activities that are quite famous in Rajasthan, like hot air balloon rides. A hot air balloon ride is indeed a unique way to explore the beauty of desert cities and unsophisticated old towns in Rajasthan. If you are non-vegetarian, you should definitely try the Laal Maas. It is not only a dish but the treat of the Royals. Be it Jaipur, Jaisalmer, or Jodhpur — every place in Rajasthan has restaurants that can provide this meat dish.

Do not forget the famous sights

Some of the famous sightseeing options in Rajasthan include:

● Night camping in the golden desert of Rajasthan

Gazing at the stars in the night sitting in the beautiful deserts of Rajasthan, you will experience the best time of your life. The golden sand will be spread across in front of you. On your demand, they will also arrange a bonfire with ladies dancing to folk songs so that you can enjoy the night to its fullest. It is simply magical and magnificent in its own way.

● A palace stay

The best way to make your trip a royal one is to find a stay in a palace and not in a mere hotel. It’s evident that it will not cost you more than a hotel. Rajasthan is a place that is full of real palaces, which means they are not built in today’s time, but emperors used to live there. And you would not want to miss the opportunity to feel like one.

● Sariska Tiger Reserve

Go and watch the tigers in Sariska tiger reserve. Those who are into wildlife and photography will love what they will see there. It is situated in Aravalli hills of the Alwar district. You will also find many other beautiful wild animals like wild boar, sambar deer, etc. You can also opt for jungle safari, which is the best way to roam around between the wildness.

One might find it difficult, especially when one is with their family to explore all these places. It’s advisable to hire a professional agency like Footloose Holidays. You can read more about them on their website and pick a suitable tour package.