Bodh Gaya
Bodh Gaya Travel

Bodh Gaya is a village in the state of Bihar which is the place of Buddha Shakyamuni’s enlightenment. It is the most esteemed destination between all sacred Buddhist sites. The famous Mahabodhi Temple is the main attraction here. Also, the offspring of the Bodhi Tree under which Lord Buddha gained enlightenment. Many monasteries/temples from Thailand, Tibet & Japan are also constructed here.

Bodh Gaya History: Bodh Gaya has evidence of agricultural activities, copper smelting & hunting. It is believed to have human habitation since 1100 BCE. Pottery items, fishing hooks, arrow-heads have been unearthed here. The iron age is the era of life of Lord Gautam Buddha. Bodh Gaya is the sacred place of his enlightenment.  The great king Ashoka was the creator of Mahabodhi Temple here.

Popular Attractions: Famous attractions of Bodh Gaya are the Mahabodhi Temple, Bodhi Tree, Ratnachakrama, Lotus Pond & Ajapala Nigrodh Pillar. However, the list doesn’t end here. There are many other spots where tourists can spend a great time knowing about Lord Buddha in detail.

If you’re on a sacred trip & rever Buddhism, then Bodh Gaya is a must travel destination for you. Book the Bodh Gaya Tour Package with Footloose Holidays & embark yourself on the enchanting journey to the holy world of Buddha.